Walnut Heirloom LP Module
Walnut Heirloom LP Module

Walnut Heirloom LP Modules

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OUR WALNUT HEIRLOOM LP MODULES ARE NOW OUT-OF-PRODUCTION. They have been replaced by Walnut Heirloom 2 modules. Scroll down to the "Related Item" section for a link to the new version.
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• Save 15% when you buy 4 or more mixed modules, including top and base accessories

• This module supports all normal record sizes and will hold +/- 150 LPs. 

• Our interlocking, solid-wood shelves are so sturdy and rigid that they stack freestanding six high. Taller stacks may need to be anchored to a wall at the top.

• One Walnut Heirloom LP Module handmade from ¾” solid walnut with a furniture grade clear satin lacquer finish. 

• All LP-type and Flip-Thru modules can stack and interlock interchangeably.

• Media Shelves can interlock stacked on top of LP modules forward-facing or back-to-back.

• Internal Dimensions: 24" wide x 13" deep x 13" tall

• External Dimensions: 27" wide x 13-3/4" deep x 14-1/2" tall

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