Unfinished Oak LP Modules

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UNFINISHED OAK LP MODULES are our least-expensive storage shelves. These modules are available with an optional slide-in birch overlay to accommodate smaller-than-LP-size vinyl.
Part Number: OAKUN-LP
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• Save 15% when you buy 4 or more mixed modules, including top and base accessories

• One Unfinished Oak LP Module handmade from 3/4” solid oak without sealer.

• By default - these modules are offered without an Overlay.  To include an Overlay with each shelf, use the dropdown menu to choose a finish option. 

• If used without an Overlay, these shelves only support full-size LPs.  If used with an Overlay, they support all normal record sizes. Holds +/- 150 LPs.

• Overlays are a ready-to-use, solid bottom plate that can be easily added to our standard LP shelves. If you frequently add, remove, and/or reorganize your records, Overlays help protect album corners from snagging if accidentally dragged across the bare shelf frame.

• So sturdy and rigid, our LP modules interlock-and-stack freestanding six high. Taller stacks may need to be anchored to a wall at the top.

• External dimensions: 27" wide x 13-3/4" deep x 14-1/2" tall

• Internal dimensions: 24" wide x 13" deep x 13" tall; 12-5/8" clearance when used with an Overlay

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