18" and 14" Rooted Buttress 2 Stands with clear satin finish.  Speakers mounted with optional Low Radiused Heavyfeet
18" and 14" Rooted Buttress 2 Stands with clear satin finish. Speakers mounted with optional Low Radiused Heavyfeet

Rooted Buttress 2 Speaker Stands

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The Rooted Buttress 2 is our very best sounding stand for mounting speakers at ear-level. Every pair is made to order using carefully matched, handsomely variegated Ambrosia maple hand-selected by our Amish craftsmen. Choose clear satin finish or one of three toned lacquer finishes.
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• Rooted Buttress 2 Stands are recommended for speakers up to 15" wide and 16" deep.  For larger monitors, please contact us about custom sizing or consider using Time-Correcting Speaker Plinths

• We offer 14" and 18" standard Buttress 2 Stand heights (custom heights available).  This is the total stand height including standard attached brass footers for hard floors. Upgrading the attached Buttress footers to Megafeet will increase the stand height by 1".  Using optional, recommended brass footers to mount each speaker to its column will added +/- 2" to the speaker height.

 • Every pair of Rooted Buttress 2 Stands are made to order using carefully matched, handsomely variegated Ambrosia maple hand-selected by our Amish craftsmen. They are hand finished with a clear satin lacquer that beautifully enhances the striking natural grain character of our Ambrosia maple. We also offer three toned finishes: Natural Cherry, Deep Rosewood, and Satin Black.  Choose your stand height and finish option from the Stand Height & Maple Finish drop-down menu.

• The distinctive character of Ambrosia maple's natural grain coloring and figuring is unique for each pair of stands. Our Amish craftsmen hand-plane matched pairs from the rough-cut, air-dried 4½" maple to remove coarseness and imperfections from the sawmill. Typically this yields precise sizing but, because of variations in the rough-cut timber, the exact dimensions can vary by 3/16".

• The default option for footers attached to and supporting Rooted Buttress Stands is Low Heavyfeet with short sharp points, the best-sounding standard footer option on uncarpeted floors.  Be sure to use the 'Pre-Attached Stand Footers' dropdown menu options to choose footers best suited for your floor type.

• To avoid marring handsomely finished hardwood floors, use Radiused Heavyfeet. The rounded bottom incurs only a very slight compromise of sound quality relative to sharp points.

• When installing Buttress Stands on luxury carpet and padding more than 1/2" deep, use Heavyfeet For Thick Carpet.

• For standard commercial-type carpet up to 1/2" deep, Heavyfeet For Thin Carpet will sound slightly better than the Thick Carpet version.

• When budget permits, upgrading Rooted Buttress Stands with our far more massive Megafeet—3½ times heavier than Heavyfeet—is a worthwhile investment for listeners seeking the very best performance.

• We never recommend using Isoblocks as footers for speakers or as supports for speaker stands. Any somewhat soft footer allows the speaker to rock which inevitably muddies the bass.

• Now or later, we strongly recommend our brass footers to couple your speakers to the Buttress columns for improved sound. Ordering now will save you 15% on the footers. The discounted price is automatically displayed for each option.  Even the least expensive, Low Heavyfeet, will at least double the improvement you gain from Rooted Buttress Stands, compared to stock factory feet or spikes. You can choose from two footer categories.

• Unattached Footers For Speakers are best-sounding. Triplepoint Heavyfeet—or even better, Low Triplepoint Megafeet—will be your very best-sounding options but can be less stable under narrow or lightweight speakers

• We offer Thread-On Footers in sets of four, as usually required.  (If you need a different quantity, call 1-888-236-2753 or email [email protected].)  Thread-on footers offer maximum stability whenever stability is primary.  They are also most convenient for speakers that are moved frequently.

• Investing in Megafeet as footers for speakers will make more difference than Megafeet as pre-attached footers supporting stands. Of course if budget permits, Megafeet for both will yield even better sound.

• All Rooted Buttress 2 Stands are made to order.  These stands are non-refundable, require a 50% deposit, and take +/- 8 weeks to ship. Please be sure to review our Terms & Conditions.

• Our pricing includes shipping costs within the continental United States. Additional charges apply for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and outside of the contiguous 48 states.  Please email [email protected] to request an estimate, or call (410)685-4618.

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