Oak Eleganza LP Modules

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OAK ELEGANZA LP MODULES are designed to enhance interior decor. These interlocking LP shelves include a flush inset base Inlay in beautifully contrasting Blond, Cherry, Walnut, or Black finishes. Optional top Inlays also available.
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• Save 15% when you buy 4 or more mixed modules, including top and base accessories

• These shelves support all normal record sizes and will hold +/- 150 LPs. 

• So sturdy and rigid, our LP modules interlock-and-stack freestanding six high. Taller stacks may need to be anchored to a wall at the top.

• Inlays are uniformly sized to fit flush in the top or base position for any Eleganza or Artisan LP module. Inlays will not fit our standard LP Modules or Heirloom LP Modules.

• One Oak Eleganza LP Module handmade from ¾” solid oak with a furniture grade, clear satin lacquer finish.  Each shelf includes 1 or 2 Inlays, made from ¼" Baltic birch plywood, with four color options available.

• By default - this module is offered with one walnut stained base Inlay, the most popular configuration. Pick a different Inlay color and/or include an optional top Inlay using the dropdown Inlay Options menus.

• All LP-type and Flip-Thru modules can stack and interlock interchangeably.

• Media Shelves can interlock stacked on top of LP modules forward-facing or back-to-back.

• Internal Dimensions: 24" wide x 13" deep x 13" tall

• External Dimensions: 27" wide x 13¾" deep x 14½" tall

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