Gallo Acoustics TR-3D Subwoofer

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The TR3D is an unobtrusively compact subwoofer that delivers amazingly punchy and clean deep bass. It integrates seamlessly with monitors, flat panel speakers, surround systems and most notably with Strada 2s. The source of the TR-3D's uniquely musical bass is a super-quick 300 watt Class D amp powering an ultra-light 10” long-throw ceramic-aluminum driver mounted in a incomparably rigid, non-resonant cylindrical steel enclosure.
Part Number: TR3D-GTR3DB115V
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The heavy steel cylindrical Gallo Acoustics TR3D subwoofer is 13”L x 11”D and features the following:

• Light, highly rigid, long throw 10” ceramic-aluminum inverted dome driver,

• 300 watt Class D amplifier designed for fastest possible transient response and

• Gallo's unique S2 thin flake stuffing which, in effect, triples the effective enclosure size.

This item includes one black subwoofer, free delivery within the United States, 2 year factory warranty (registration required) and Gallo Acoustic's 30-day moneyback guarantee. 

• In both two channel and surround systems, powered subwoofers sound significantly better when wired to their amp/receiver with a left/right pair of speaker cables rather than a line level RCA cable connected to the Subwoofer Out or LFE channel.  (See the topic "Don't Use Line Level Inputs" in the Subwoofer Upgrades section of our Free Upgrade Advice page.)

• Conventional aftermarket speaker cables muddy the sound of first class subwoofers, especially one as revealing as the Gallo TR3D.  Note that speaker cables should be 8' or longer. Our listening tests show that shorter ones sound worse. (See the topic "Don't Use Short Speaker Cables" in the Cable Upgrades section of our Free Upgrade Advice page.)

• To hear the full dynamics, subtle detail and boom-free low frequency extension of the TR3D, we strongly recommend our Golden Helix 2 or Double Helix 2 speaker cables. Ordering now saves you 10% on the cable. Not included by default, the "Speaker Wire" dropdown menu lets you order the cable type and length you need; the pre-discounted price will then be displayed.

• We encourage discerning listeners to consider our Upgraded TR3D Subwoofers. Our external mods, which double the articulation and musicality of these fine subs, rework the enclosure’s mounting structure to fit four of our big brass Heavyfeet or Megafeet.  That locks the sub solidly to the floor, thereby draining sound-muddying vibrations out of the enclosure while driving the floor to gain more bass radiating area and deeper bass. 

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