Five Shelf SAMSON V.5

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The narrower of our two doublewide stock size SAMSON racks. Shelf dimensions are 45" wide x 18" deep with 40" width between front uprights.
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• The SAMSON V.5 is the narrower of our two doublewide stock size SAMSON racks: 45" wide, 18" deep, and available with 2" and 4" shelf thicknesses.

The default option for this SAMSON is with all 2" thick shelves. Use the 'Shelf Thickness Options' dropdown menu to upgrade to one or more 4" thick shelves.

• Users with very vibration-sensitive components like turntables, digital front end gear, and tube equipment may want to consider upgrading the shelves for those components to 4" thickness; the improvement over the 2" shelf is highly audible. On the other hand, adding a 2" or 4" maple platform with IsoBlocks onto a 2" shelf sounds even better than a 4" shelf alonebut it costs you an extra 4" to 6" of vertical clearance. 

• SAMSON shelves are made exclusively by our Amish craftsmen using only old-growth, local Ambrosia maple that has been air-dried for 3 to 6 years. 

The stock finish for SAMSON shelves is clear satin lacquer that preserves the handsome natural variegations of Ambrosia maple.  We keep these clear-finished, stock shelves in inventory.  SAMSONs with stock shelves typically take 2-3 weeks to ship and are sold with our  30-day money back guarantee.

• We also offer SAMSONs shelves with three made-to-order finish options; these are non-refundable.  Natural Cherry and Deep Rosewood are translucent, toned lacquer finishes that allows the maple's natural grain character to show through. Satin Black lacquer  is an opaque finish that completely hides the Ambrosia maple grain. These options usually take 8 weeks to ship and can be selected using the 'Maple Finish Options' dropdown menu. Please be sure to read our Terms & Conditions.

• The default height option for five-shelf SAMSONs is black 48" tall, threaded steel uprights.  Spacing between the middle shelves is infinitely adjustable. With the all-2" shelf option, vertical clearance between lower shelves is approximately 8½" when equally spaced. This option is inadvisable using all 4" shelves; spacing would reduce to about 6" clearance. 

• When ordering 4" thick shelves and for maximum vertical clearance, we offer 60" tall uprights as a stock height option. With the all-2" shelf option, vertical clearance between lower shelves is +/- 12" if equally spaced. This clearance is about 9" with all 4" shelves.

• When deciding shelf spacing, we recommend allowing as much extra vertical clearance as possible. Besides the height of your current equipment, be sure to allow extra space for mounting each component on our brass footers (now or later) and to accommodate future component upgrades. We offer custom height uprights; please call 1-888-236-2753 to order or email [email protected].

• The SAMSONs' footers are crucial to good sound. They provide a clean, unbroken vibration path to the floor. We offer 2" Heavyfoot and 3" Megafoot footer options, each offered with four point styles optimized to offer the best sound quality for different floor materials and floor coverings. 

The default footer option for SAMSONs is standard Heavyfeet with short sharp points, the best-sounding 2" footer option on uncarpeted floors.  Be sure to use the 'Footer Options' dropdown menu to choose footers optimized for your floor type.

• To avoid marring handsomely finished hardwood floors, use Radiused Heavyfeet; they incur only a very slight compromise of sound quality.

• When installing SAMSONs on luxury carpet and padding more than 1/2" deep, use Heavyfeet For Thick Carpet.

• For standard commercial-type carpet up to 1/2" deep, Heavyfeet For Thin Carpet will sound slightly better than the Thick Carpet version.

• When budget permits, upgrading the SAMSON with optimized Megafeet is a worthwhile investment for listeners seeking the very best performance. 

• We strongly recommend mounting each component to its shelf with our brass footers to hear the full sonic potential of the SAMSON's remarkable vibration control effectiveness. Using our 2" Heavyfeet to mount your components will double the improvement you hear with SAMSONs, compared to gear mounted on its stock factory feet.  This is a more satisfying upgrade, and less expensive, than upgrading the rack footers to 3" Megafeet. When budget permits, do both for the very best sound quality possible. 

Hand-polished brass is the stock finish option for SAMSON hardware. As a custom option, we also offer Satin Black, Semi-Gloss Black, and Metallic Silver powder coat finishes. Powder coating is a made-to-order finish option that usually take 3-5 weeks--but overlaps the 8 week production time for made-to-order shelves.  SAMSONs ordered with powder coated hardware are non-refundable.

• Our pricing includes shipping costs within the continental United States. Additional charges apply for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and outside of the contiguous 48 states.  Please email [email protected] to request an estimate, or call (410)685-4618.

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