Double Helix V.2 Speaker Cables

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Discerning listeners who've heard the difference know our top-of-the-line Clearview Double Helix Speaker Cables outperform famous brand flagship cables costing $7,000 and upwards. The sonic benefits of our unconventional, purist design are easy to hear.
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• The Double Helix are our very best-sounding Clearview speaker wires.  They use optimally thin, ultra high-purity, single strand copper drawn, silver-plated and heat-treated to our specs--then hyper-twisted for unmatched field cancellation. 

• Double Helix wire utilize our unique design that incorporates well separated, single strand + and - signal conductors, individually shielded by a single, helically-wrapped, common ground wire--hereby adding about a half octave of bass, warming up voices, and lending extra definition and clarity to treble notes and high overtones. 

• Double Helix speaker wires are available with PLUS Upgrade using specially-treated copper conductors with proprietary stress-relieved metallurgy. For fans of well-recorded acoustic music, small group jazz, or chamber music, we recommend add PLUS Upgrade without hesitation. Listening to loud, compressed recordings, the improvements will be audible but much more subtle.

The default option for these cables is for an 8' foot stereo pair for two standard speakers.  To choose a different pair length or PLUS version, use the 'Stereo Pairs' dropdown menu to choose a different option. 

• Use the 'Single Channel' dropdrop menu to order different cable lengths for left, right, and/or center channels.  When ordering single channels a la carte, make sure the 'Stereo Pairs' menu is set to NONE.

30-day money back, price includes U.S. shipping. Additional charges apply for shipments outside the United States. Please email [email protected] to request an estimate, or call (410)685-4618.


 They will seriously degrade the sound. Use only music to break in our cables. The recommended break-in period for standard Clearview Cables is 30-50 hours; 150-300 hours for cables with PLUS Upgrade. Feel free to install and listen to our cables immediately, they'll sound really good after about an hour. But you won't hear their full potential until they have been broken-in thoroughly. 


Whenever possible, connect our speaker wires using their prepared, bare wire ends without extra terminations. This will be your least-expensive, best-sounding option. Unlike stranded-wire speaker cables, our solid-core conductor does not fray--and, once bent into a J-hook, is just as convenient as a spade. Even though our offered terminations are the least intrusive-sounding spades and bananas available, they still do not sound quite as good as making a simple, bare wire connection to your speaker/amp binding post, screw terminal, et al. 

We do offer pure, unplated copper spade lugs (unplated always sounds better than silver, gold or rhodium plating) for $5.00 per termination or our own proprietary minimalist banana plugs (guaranteed to sound better than $80 silver Eichmanns) for $7.50 per termination. The latter will fit Naim jacks. These are non-refundable service charges. To order custom-terminated speaker cables, please call 1-888-236-2753.

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