Clearview Biwire Jumpers
Clearview Biwire Jumpers

Clearview Biwire Jumpers

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Specifically configured to be our best-sounding wire for runs longer than 16', Golden Parallel uses the same silver-plated, high-purity copper conductor as our Golden Helix.
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All stock, factory-provided jumpers seriously degrade speaker sound. Our paper-thin, copper ribbon jumpers sound much better than any factory brass plate or audiophile conventional wire jumper at any price. Before ordering this item, please measure the distance between your speaker’s upper and lower binding posts (centerhole to centerhole), then round up to our closest stock length.

Design and Performance

The usual jumpers that come with bi-wirable speakers -- brass plates or Magnepan U-plugs -- cause a most unfortunate degradation in sound quality. (Incidentally, half the improvement that people hear when bi-wiring is due to getting rid of these poor-sounding jumpers.) To replace these jumpers, we offer, at low cost, a set of very thin copper ribbon jumpers. This ribbon is identical to the conductors used in our state-of-the-art $1600 Omega Mikro speaker cables. The difference you hear is a startling tribute to how much sonic improvement can be gained from only three inches of first-rate conductor.Before ordering this item, please measure the distance between your speaker’s upper and lower binding posts (center-hole to center-hole), then round up to our closest stock length.

Installation Tips

1. Attach by slipping edge of ribbon under one side of binding post nut.

2. If you're using Clearview unterminated speaker cable: loosen binding post nut, bend cable end into a "J" and hand it on the binding post, slide the ribbon in under the J-hook from the side of the binding post (the ribbon should be flat and parallel to the speaker back panel), slide the ribbon in until it touches the binding post, then tighten the binding post nut so that it firmly clamps the ribbon and the J-hook in place. 

3. We recommend, for first trial, attaching the speaker cable to the lower (woofer) binding posts. The directionality markings on our ribbon assumes you're using the cable at the woofer binding post; "W" on the ribbon means woofer end and "T' means tweeter.

4. It's worth trying the speaker cable connected to the tweeter post and reversing the ribbon direction. On some speakers, this orientation may sound better. Only your ears can tell. 

PLUS Upgrade, Another Step Up 

All Clearview Biwire Jumpers are available in a PLUS version, using conductors with our new stress-relieved metallurgy. The PLUS Upgrade yields two primary benefits: 

• Decreases brightness and grain in high frequencies, reducing edginess in the upper treble without sacrificing detail; this is particularly noticeable with music coming from a digital source (i.e. CD players, computers, and iPods). The breathiness of singers and flutes, the metallic ring of cymbals is better articulated and less abrasive.PLUS is especially beneficial for digital interconnects sources, significantly reducing listening fatigue. 

• PLUS lowers the soundstage noise floor, resulting in a quieter, more blacker background. This makes the most difference in quiet passages: held guitar or piano chords sustain longer and resonate more clearly as they fade into silence. Newly discovered details and nuances emerge from the negative space of the music on good recordings.

For fans of well-recorded acoustic music, small group jazz, or chamber music, we recommend PLUS without hesitation. Listening to loud, compressed recordings, the improvements will be audible but much more subtle.

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