Big Joe Maher: Mojo

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Bob Margolin writes, “...a powerful performance recorded with stunning clarity and space. It’s a feast for the soul, and candy for the ears.” The band’s powerhouse Hammond organ groove is floor-shaking, the saxes soar, and the electric guitar shreds. Price includes shipping.
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Big Joe’s natural-born, laidback blues growl sounds less than two feet away. The band’s powerhouse Hammond organ groove shakes your floor. A foot behind Big Joe, the saxes reek of raunch, the electric guitar shreds the Fender speakers. Stereophile says, “Such a cool disc…equal parts barrel-house jump-band and smooth swing.” Blues star (and audiophile) Bob Margolin writes, “...a powerful performance recorded with stunning clarity and space. It’s a feast for the soul, and candy for the ears.”



1. Got My Mojo Workin' (Muddy Waters)-Listen to Sample

2. Who Will The Next Fool Be? (Charlie Rich)

3. Heartbreaker (Ertegun and Charles)

4. In The Dark (Aaron "T-Bone" Walker)

5. Vodka On The Rocks (Maher, Sarli, Bryant, Watling)-Listen to Sample

6. Hard Livin' Alone (Floyd Dixon)

7. When Did You Leave Heaven? (Percy Mayfield)-Listen to Full Song

8. Ponytail (Aaron "T-Bone" Walker)

9. Trouble In Mind* (traditional)

10. Wings 'N Things (Edward K. Ellington)

11 I Dare You, Baby (Percy Mayfield)

12. Goodbye, Baby* (Big Joe Turner)

    *Bob Willoughby-Piano

REVIEW by Blues Review

I'm excited that the relatively esoteric worlds of high-end audio recording and blues are meeting and getting along so can enjoy the efforts of some of the "audiophile purist" releases that are starting to show up in the blues world. They sound beautiful and real on all but the cheapest boom-box or car stereo. One album that particularly impressed me recently is Mojo (Wildchild!/Mapleshade 02352) by Big Joe Maher and Jeff Sarli and Big Blue, a powerful performance recorded with stunning clarity and space. It's a feast for the soul, and candy for the ears. -from the column Steady Rollin' by Bob Margolin

REVIEW by Stereophile

Mojo is such a cool disc, I can't stand it. Big Joe, a drummer and singer, and Jeff Sarli, a swingin' string-bass player, have put together a band that's equal parts barrel-house jump-band and smooth swing band. The result will get you up off your butt „ if you've still got a pulse, that is. And bottom? Man, does this disc got bottom! Drive and air „ you can hear the walls bulging as they try to contain this big, big sound „ with a fat-back bottom. Did I mention that? This one may not grow hair (didn't on me anyway), but it'll definitely trim 10 years off your age. -from QuarterNotes by Wes Phillips


REVIEW by The Washington Post

WHADAYA KNOW? Big Joe in slo-mo. Big Joe Maher, that is. On his new release, Mojo, the area drummer best known for leading the Dynaflows and shouting out electric blues and jump tunes takes a decidedly more relaxed view of the blues. Listening to the opening (and title) track for a few seconds is all it takes to confirm that this session's atmosphere and pacing has more to do with Percy Mayfield's laconic balladry than Big Joe Turner's barroom barking.

As it turns out, songs by both Mayfield and Turner are on the album, along with tunes by Charlie Rich, Ray Charles and Floyd Dixon, and in each case Maher handles them in an easy, soulful stride. T-Bone Walker's riff-based Ponytail and the Duke Ellington sax-and-organ-powered instrumental Wings 'N Things help enliven things, but some of the album's best moments come when the mood is mellow, the music spare and Maher is quietly tending to his battered heart on Rich's Who Will The Next Fool Be? and Walker's In The Dark.

Bassist and producer Jeff Sarli is responsible for the album's uncluttered, understated charm. (Maher's longtime rhythm section partner Sarli conceived the project and enjoys costar status.) Sarli has assembled a strong cast that includes keyboardists Bob WilloughbyandPhil Stancil, guitarist Rusty Bogard and saxophonists Chris Watling and Jerry Queene. -Mike Joyce

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